Choosing Green Institute

Located in the heart of the tropical rainforest in Ondo Kingdom Nigeria, the Green Institute provides an ideal environment where environmental sustainability can be essentially explicated. The Institute is close to different ancient landmarks such as Idanre hills, Ikogosi warm water springs, Osun River and Erin Ijesha Waterfalls. These and other historic sites in Nigeria such as the city of Ile-Ife are desired tourist sites that will facilitate understanding of concepts, as well as help drive home the social, ecological, and economic importance of environmental management.


Each applicant to the Green Institute is carefully considered as a whole person. We put enormous attention into the assessment of every application. Our admission process is simple, and we hope the information here will be helpful to you.

When to Apply

Applications are received all year round for online studentship. For the on-site programme, three cycles of applications are received. 

1st cycle: submit application by February 28 for April resumption

2nd cycle: submit application by June 30 for September resumption.

3rd cycle: submit application by October 30 for January resumption.

What We Look For

The Green Institute desires to have promising students who will contribute to the community during their period of studentship, and to society throughout their lives. The admissions committee considers various factors such as impressive personal attributes, special talents, the ability to influence change, and ability to take advantage of resources and opportunities.

Application Requirements

  • Interest in environmental sustainability and sustainable practices

  • Proven record of leadership and commitment to purpose

  • High interest in personal development


The institute calendar year is four terms. Each term is three weeks. Therefore, duration are specified under each programs

Application Fees



Our programs are very affordable. Our current tuition is N55, 000 per term (unless otherwise stated)

Financial Aid

There are a number of financial aid options available once you are admitted to the program. For applicants that cannot afford the tuition, they can trade in their valuable trash in exchange for credits which can be substituted for tuition. For more information, please check out our "Trash  for Education" Scheme.