Course Description

Innovative ideas are needed to upgrade the traditional farming system into a more sustainable model that can feed the ever-growing human population. The world is changing fast, technology is advancing rapidly, and the world economy is near crashing. Will Agriculture change too? That's an obvious answer! This course explores various technological advancements and interventions to ensure food security while achieving the sustainable development goals.

Course Modules and Syllabus

  • Introduction

  • State of Agriculture and Food: An overview

  • Main challenges and priorities of global thought leaders

  • Agriculture as a tool for rural development and poverty alleviation

  • Agricultural Production and Environmental Sustainability

  • The year 2030: Ranking priorities

Learning Outcomes

 Students should be inspired by becoming an agent committed to revolutionizing the way we think about our food system.


One (1) Term  = Three Weeks

Note: Two weeks on-site/onlline study and one week for project work.

A digital certificate of accomplishment endorsed by the instructors, and the institute will be awarded to students after completion of course. Students must attain an average score of 70% or more in exercises and examination. Any student that achieves over 90% will be awarded their certificate of accomplishment with distinction.

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