Green Associate

Green Campus Initiative Associate program seeks to harness and improve the skills of individuals interested in environmental sustainability and sustainable practices. The platform provides an avenue for Young professionals and scholars to assume an active role in environmental leadership. Associates are provided with skills that will inspire innovative changes towards achieving sustainable living in their communities.


  1. Green Associates will oversee the affairs of GCI in their communities
  2. Represent GCI at events in their locations
  3. Coordinate research and Champion green living in their communities
  4. Identify opportunities for Green Businesses in their community
  5. Act in an advisory capacity to the Green Campus Governors in their zone


  • Associates will have free access to Green Series and Conferences
  • No publication fee charged for articles submitted to the Green Journal
  • Will be eligible for Partnerships with key players in the environmental industry
  • Mentorship by renowned professional both locally and internationally
  • Will receive a certification as a green environmental advocate
  • Will receive free or subsidized trainings on green entrepreneurial opportunities


  • Be 20 – 35 years old
  • Interest in environmental sustainability and sustainable practices
  • Proven record of leadership and commitment to purpose
  • High interest in personal development
  • Affiliation to an academic, research institution or an environmental enterprise will be highly welcomed

Application Instruction

We advise you answer the questions in a word document before filling the form. Please adhere strictly to the word limits. Any application over the word limit would be disqualified. 

Good luck!

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