The Disruptors 2018: Green Ambassadors’ Training and Campus Rep Induction.

This year started on a grand note at the Green Institute. The Institute hosted its annual ambassador training on 25th of January, 2018. This year’s edition was tagged “Disruptive Innovation for Social and Environment Impact”.  Speaking at the event was Glory Oguegbu, Executive Director of Climate Smart; Joel Ogunsola, Founder of Tech4Dev and Jennifer Uchendu, Founder of SustyVibes. The event was hosted by Odunayo Aliu, and anchored by Psalm David.

Ambassadors representing ten higher institutions were present at the event and six of them were inducted as the campus representative of their school. Topics such as Technology for Social and Environment Impact, Advocating for Sustainability and Opportunities in Environmental Sustainability were discussed.


There was also a team building activity during event which helped participants to identify their area of strengths and weaknesses and also practical ways of handling each.

As a major highlight of the event, the Trash for Education program of the Institute was launched by the Founder.

At the end of the picture and networking session, interested ambassadors went hiking at the Green Mountain.