#BeatAirPollution: 2019 World Environment Day


The program commenced by a few minutes to 10 in the morning, with a welcoming speech by one of the Green officials, Seun Owoka. All the five schools represented were all identified and introduced; she also gave a brief outline of the day’s program. After that, the kids were enlightened on air pollution, which was the major theme of the program. They watched four different videos to help widen their knowledge. It was an interactive session between the Green Kids and the staff advisers from various school.

Another interactive aspect of the program was when the kids were asked the question, “If you become the President of your country, what will you do”?

Many of the kids said they would enforce policies that will help to protect the environment and ensure people abide by them. The Green cheer was not left out of the program because of its great importance, which brings life and vitality to the kids. After this, the kids were all set to launch out for the practical aspect of the day’s work, which was the visitation to the Green Mountain.

When the kids got there, they were all excited, and observation that the air was fresh, which was quite different from where they came from. They also realized the importance of trees and rocks in our environment, and the need to stop air pollution in the environment. A group photograph was taken with the kids and the staff advisers.

The kids returned to the institute, refreshed and entertained. After which the program was brought to a close by reciting the Green pledge which was led by Joshua, the Commissioner for Health of La Salle College Ondo.