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MUST WATCH: Let's Go Green Video by The Green Ambassadors


The Green Campus Initiative (GCI) brings yet another awareness-filled, earth-inspired video titled ‘Let’s Go Green’ to the screen. The awareness campaign is produced in-house by the Founder of GCI, Adenike Akinsemolu, and directed by Olayinka Ojo - GCI Minister for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, and Winner of the UN Spoken Word Contest. It also features the Adeyemi College of Education GCI Ambassadors as the cast.

Staying true to the theme of the cause, the crew explored the natural environment beautifully. The lush green environment in the video lures viewers into nature’s therapeutic powers while the voices, smiles and radiating glow on the faces calms nerves. If you do not already know about Going Green, this video is a good starting point.

The lyrics are highly captivating and gets the message across: “Imagine a world where water is free and clean, where breathe is fresh and safe, where sun will smile each day…” Honestly, these words are a reminder that we need to be sensitive and mindful of our environment.

Friends, this video is a call to action for all of us. The planet is ours. We can preserve it for future generations by doing little things that matter. This is a must see video. Watch it below or on YouTube.



We live in a world of ordinary people
You can change things around
I can change things around
We can change things around 

Never again shall out children die
of thirst and polluted air
and unclean environment
We can live a happy life

Imagine a world
where water is free and clean
When breathe is fresh and safe
hen sun will smile each day Oh!

Oh!! Lets Go Green
Oh!! Lets Go Green
Oh!! Lets Go Green

(Repeated Twice)

We live in a world of ordinary people
You can change things around
I can change things around
We can change things around

REPOST: 2015 Green Ambassadors Training

The timing of the event could not have been more auspicious as it came on the heels of the just concluded COP 21 Climate Change Conference in Paris, France. About 150 students from various institutions of higher learning all over Nigeria gathered at the MIS building in Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo State. They were there at the behest of the Green Initiative located at the Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) for a program known as the Green Ambassadors Training (GAT) which took place on the 15th of December 2015.

Green Ambassadors Training (GAT) is an innovative initiative that is designed to train youths to adopt the “GO GREEN” ideology to enable them become agents of positive change to their community, nation and generation. The purpose of the exercise is to educate, engage and enlighten young people on what and how to GO GREEN as well as equip them with the requisite tools to practically transform their various campuses. Participants who were fortunate to be shortlisted from a pool of people that registered on the initiative’s website (www.greenthecampus.org), were subjected to intensive training on several topics of relevance by experienced speakers within and outside Nigeria.

The speakers were Prof Bryon Price from Baruch College, New York City, who talked about recycling and how it can be a steady source of income. Prince Akinwale Ojomo, the CEO Diaspora Innovation Institute, talked about social entrepreneurship using creative and innovative ideas to solve the immediate problems in the society. Mr. Kayikunmi Stefan Sogo from the University of Twente Netherlands enlightened the trainee on Renewable energy and focused on solar as an alternative source of energy serving homes and companies. He talked about his research of floating PV on the Kanji Dami. Mr Olayinka Ojo spoke on using art to promote campaign ideas and advocacy. Adenike Akinsemolu, the founder of the Green Campus Initiative elucidated on the core idea and mission of the Green Campus Initiative. According to her, “Going Green is not just about climate change, but living a healthy and happy life which implies that you do not hurt yourself, the people around you and your environment.” She also emphasized the need to raise eco-conscious kids who would be thoroughly oriented about their roles in keeping the ecosystem stable and healthy. She charged the participants to take the Green pledge and thereafter introduced the Green Ministers. 

The event also featured some entertainment which included a dance display by a dance group and a performance by PDP (Purpose Driven Poets not the Peoples Democratic Party) comprising of poets Temitayo Bankole, Nifemi, Caleb, Odunayo and Succulent. They serenaded the audience with spoken word poems on the need to GO GREEN. At the end of the training, participants were appointed as GREEN AMBASSADORS and issued certificates OF GREENESS. Adenike Akinsemolu rounded off the session by telling the new ambassadors to replicate all they have learnt in their schools and communities. The newly inducted GREEN AMBASSADORS began executing their mandates by undertaking a community service round the campus. They also paid a courtesy visit to the Provost of the college and the number one green ambassador, Prof. Olukoya Ogen whose support for the Initiative has been extraordinary to say the least. He received them warmly and charged them to be good ambassadors of the program.

The Green Ambassadors Training is a laudable initiative that should be promoted and replicated in other parts of Nigeria and Countries in Africa as the world transitions into a new paradigm of sustainability, through the adoption Green Ideologies and technologies. Other institutions should borrow a leaf from Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) under the leadership of the amiable Professor Olukoya Ogen who has demonstrated visionary leadership in endorsing and assisting the initiative. Government MDA’s (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) at all levels, Individuals, International Organizations and corporate entities should support the Green Campus Initiative because it needs all the help it can get at this point in time. The Green Campus Initiative is an idea whose time has come thereby all hands must be on deck to ensure that the initiative transcends ACE by embarking on the training of more Green Ambassadors next year.

Written by Wajim Yakubu Nuhu via Sahara Reporters

REPOST: Meet the Young Nigerian Lady on a Mission to Transform Nigeria's University Campuses

The first thing I observed about her was the exotic hairdo she was carrying which reminded me of T. Y Bello the erstwhile member of Kush who sang the famous and classic song Greenland. We first met at the Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo event that held at the Yar adua Centre in Abuja from the 14th – 16th of October 2015. We arrived at the gate at about the same time and later struck up a conversation during accreditation before the event began. She came across as a focused, intelligent, driven and confident young lady with a lot of verve and passion. I was surprised and impressed when she told me what she was engaged in at that point in time after which i got to find out that she was also one of the panellist billed to give a presentation during the Conference.

Adenike A. Akinsemolu is an undergraduate lecturer at Adeyemi College of Education, a college ofObafemi Awolowo University and a Doctoral Student of Microbiology at the Federal University of Technology where her research focuses on the genotoxicity studies of oil polluted areas of Ondo State. She is also a researcher, female child advocate, member of the American Society of Microbiology and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Adenike is involved in developing a new concept that focuses on the microbial world and the benefits they have on sustainable development known as GREEN Microbiology.

A graduate of Babcock University, Adenike is the founder of the Green Campus Initiative at the  Adeyemi College of Education in Ondo, Nigeria. Her GREEN EPIPHANY came during a lecture on photosynthesis when she realised that her students were not really conversant with what it means to GO GREEN. She took it upon herself to teach them what, why and how to GO GREEN through a hands on and innovative approach. By involving the Provost and Staff in addition to prominent students in her campaigns, she was able to engage and convince them to GO GREEN. She adopted creative practical demonstrations like riding bicycles to school, writing a green handbook and producing a poetic green video among other activities that have helped to start a GREEN revolution which has transformed and positively impacted her school.

Adenike’s efforts in GREEN advocacy in Nigerian Campuses have not gone unnoticed and they have resulted in recognition within and outside the country. She has travelled to South Africa to participate in a gathering on GREEN Campuses where she granted several interviews on radio and other online platforms. She was also a recipient of an award at the just concluded Nigerian Alternative Energy Expo 2015 in Abuja. Her knack for innovation and creativity makes her a name to watch out for in the GREEN space. Though she may be a neophyte in lecturing (less than 3 years’ experience), Adenike has contributed more to her school than what many professors do to theirs in a lifetime.

Without sounding too patronising, Adenike is undoubtedly a role model for young Nigerians especially in this dispensation of change. She may not hold political office, but she is providing LEADERSHIP in her area of gifting (advocacy) and changing lives positively as a result. While many of her age are concerned with mundane things like the latest fashion and Brazillian hair, Adenike has discovered a noble cause to dispense her Talents, Time and Treasures on. As she joins the ever growing league of young female innovators in Nigeria’s GREEN space like Bilkiss Adebiyi (Wecyclers), Ayoola Kassim (Channels Earth File), Amina Batagarawa (ABU Zaria) and Ugochi Oluigbo among others, I hope she would continue to blaze the trail till GOING GREEN goes mainstream in Nigerian University Campuses.

Written by Wajim Yakubu Nuhu via Linkedin