Remi Duyile

7 things we learned at the Green Speaker Series II

Remi Duyile

The Green Speaker Series II with Dr Remi Duyile was held on August 10, 2017, at the Green Auditorium with about 32 participants in attendance. Dr Remi Duyile, a former Vice President of Bank of America, is an international speaker with certifications from The John Maxwell Group, Jim Rohn and Les Brown. She is the Founder of Premier Mortgage Solutions, an international consulting firm, as well as the Legacy Premier Foundation, a non-profit providing mentorship and financial literacy for women and girls.

Dr Remi came up to the podium after the Founder of the Green Institute, Adenike Akinsemolu read her biography. Dr Remi simplified the topic “Transformational Leadership” to the hearings of young folks by summing up all it entails to be a leader in “The 6C’s”:

  1. Communication is an effective tool for transformational leadership in enabling proper flow with your audience. Leaders must be clear and concise when communicating with their team members.
  2. Competence is an impeccable quality of a transformation leader. This position the leader to effectively influence the lives of his audience and followers.
  3. Confidence is one key characteristic of a transformational leader. Confidence gives us the strength to support other people’s vision while achieving our personal goals. It also helps in asking questions about things we do not know. A transformational leader is bold and sometimes often mistaken as arrogant. There is absolutely nothing wrong in self-love, courage and discipline.
  4. Contentment is another attribute that is being given birth to by confidence. Knowing how to be efficient with several skilful things is a bonus that makes one contented. It is also helpful for the development of private things without involving external factors.
  5. Compassion. A Transformational Leader must be compassionate. He or She must understand what is important to his or her audience. Leadership is meant to be fun not to be at logger's heads with ourselves. Compassion strengthens the relationship between a leader and his followers.
  6. Commitment is essential in transforming our community or in following our dreams. Commitment in this scenario is synonymous with credibility and excellence. Meeting deadlines, fulfilling promises, being punctual are all qualities of a transformational leader. This is important in maintaining good impressions with your followers and team members. Integrity matters and being committed to a cause will allow a sense of purpose.

The Green Speaker Series with Dr Duyile ended with questions and comments from the audience. One of the participants, Bankole Emmanuel suggested that “Consistency” should be added to the “6Cs”.  If a leader develops a reputation for being consistent in either their words or actions, employees will gain confidence in their ability to lead effectively. Dr Duyile also stressed that you do not have to hold a position such as CEO or founder to be a leader. In our everyday lives, we should strive to be a transformational leader. She urges young people to take charge and be the positive change they want to see in their various communities.

Photo Op at the Green Institute

So, here you have it folks, the 6Cs, I meant the 7Cs of a transformational leader:
Communication, Competence, Confidence, Contentment, Compassion, Commitment and Consistency.