You Might Want to Try Having a Green Easter Holiday this Year


Hello friends!

Sure, I agree that the idea of a green Easter holiday is somewhat new, but not to worry, the Green Team and I would be jumping in with you. Honestly, I can't wait to start my holiday, and guess what! For the first time, I would be catching some breath and fun whilst enjoying the freshness of nature with family and friends.

Aside being environmentally-friendly and healthy at the same time, having a green Easter holiday can also save you good sums of money and develop your creativity. Don’t get me wrong here! Having a green holiday doesn’t mean you have to cut back on the fun or other good times. Not at all, you can still enjoy the events and activities of your holiday. It only gets better.

Here are some ways to make your holiday greener, enjoy:

First, get everybody, family and friends, to know that you plan to be eco-friendly during the holiday and ask for their support. There are high chances that you could just influence a large number of them, if not all, to be part of your plans. Who doesn’t want to be healthy and strong, I mean? Instead of sending out your plans, and hangout, reunion, or other event invitations to them with cards or paper letters, you could rather send an email, a text, or give them a call. Online ways of informing family and friends are really acceptable. Go ahead, tell them your plans and be digital!

If you’ve been thinking of taking a trip to a smoky factory, or hosting a hangout in that noisy centre, it’s time to let that though go. You should consider a venue or location that would be relaxing - a perfect one. Take a trip instead to that Conservation Park or reserve, walk through their quiet paths, feel the trees, hear the chirping and melody of birds, and be close to nature. Have that reunion or hangout outdoors, see the therapeutic skies above your head, watch the sun set, be in that little gush of moist wind, and again be close to nature. You would save electrical energy by doing these because you don’t get to power on the light bulbs. Also, the happiness, adventure and new experience you get by doing these would be satisfying and fulfilling.

Providing bins that are well labeled are also something you should do at your events. Recycle bins, compost bins, and garbage bins for throwaways. Guests would dispose properly on seeing these bins.

Finally, you might want to try some new type of food. Fast foods and excess sweets are not the best; little nutrients are gotten from them. You could try organic food this holiday; its richness is what our bodies need for better health. Clean water, fresh fruits, organic food and organic wine all makes for sustainable dining.

Having a green holiday is not only a fun way to enlighten family and friends, but it is also a great way of attracting others.