Romance with the Environment 2018

Romance with the Environment.jpg

The annual Valentine’s Day does not go unnoticed; millions of people around the world find it an accurate opportunity to celebrate their loved ones. The peak of the day’s activity is usually marked with the ritual of gift sharing and lovemaking, sadly, that’s not always as good as it sound. Like most Holi-Day, waste is the highlight of the season. Many people often ignore Mother Nature on this love sharing day, while the larger bulk of people gift her with tonnes of waste.


At Green Campus Initiative, Valentine’s Day is a time to #RomancewithEnvironment, a time to reflect on the beauty and loveliness of our Mother Earth. As usual, on Wednesday, February 14, our ambassadors took out time to celebrate with Mother Earth by wiping away some of the dirt that litters her crust. There was a general clean-up event which started about 2pm and lasted for almost two hours.

This may not be particularly a big deal to many people, but we know that mother earth consider it a great show of love. So we invite you to join us as we take #Climateactions to the next level. Stay connected to nature!



Are you in a 'Toxic Relationship?' Break up now! Start a new relationship with the Environment. #CleanSeas