Adetokunbo Abigail: Green Personality of February 2018

The Green Personality of this month is Adetokunbo Abigail. She is 21-years old. Completed her NCE programme from Kwara State College of Education where she studied Biology/Integrated Science in October 2016. She is a passionate young woman who ensures that children’s right in Nigeria is protected.

About a year ago, she recently organised a walk in Alapere area of Lagos. The walk was to call older people and parents to action on the need to protect their children and younger ones from all sorts of abuses and also ensure that children have access to quality education. Her love for children drives her. Abigail runs an NGO called Kiyeseni.

The Green Team reached out to her to ask few, interesting questions.


Adetokunbo abigail.jpg

Here are the highlights of our interview with him;

If you had one minute to sell yourself to a potential investor, how would you introduce yourself?

I work as a support teacher for children with learning difficulties by creating a relaxed and accommodating environment to speed up their learning without any form of pressure.
I also run a babysitting club where we babysit and care for children whose parents want the best care for them as they achieve their goals and desires.
Through my brainchild, Kiyeseni I desire to build safe homes where vulnerable children can feel secure until they're ready to solve world problems, partner with Computer Technology organizations to teach children living in low socioeconomic communities Coding and Robotics.

Tell us about your life as a teacher?

Teaching has been and still is one of the best things I've discovered as my purpose. I find it fulfilling being in the midst of young people and guiding them to think beyond the norm, break the status quo and be the best versions of  themselves. It thrills me.

You run an organization called "KIYESENI", why that choice of name?

I was given that name when I was very little and it means 'Watch out for this one' It resonates with the purpose of the foundation- To watch out for the well-being of children.

Tell us more about your Foundation?

We increase children's access to quality education via our Back To School Programs/School Intervention, raise awareness for and advocate for children's right to Safety and Security.

How long have you been running this programme and what inspired you to start?

This is the 7th year now. What I've seen, heard and experienced as regarding children was and still is my daily inspiration. The desire to see every child get what they deserve.

What are some of your achievements so far?

In 2017, we've been able to:

  • Successfully organize two Walks and a Talk Session to raise awareness on Child Abuse in April and September respectively.
  • Reach out to over 200 children via our Back To School Intervention Program in September.
  • Feed 12 families in December.
  • Assist 10 children back into schools.
  • #HelpASmile of over 2000 children in Adogbo Community (Makoko) in December.

What are the major challenges and how have you been able to pull through?

Sponsorship is one. We've been soliciting for funds from the public.

How have you been able to fund your organization?

My family, team members and concerned persons have been generous.

What was your ambition while growing up?

To be a professional teacher. I'm still on track.

What is it about you that people do not know?

I could be terribly shy. Phone calls make me stutter so I prefer texting or live conversations.

What's your advice to young people aspiring to contribute positively to their community?

Don't give up. It's okay to ask for help. Seek collaboration opportunities with persons/organizations of like minded passion and goals. Do not sacrifice integrity for anything. Don't forget the place of God in everything.

How can people reach you and learn more about your work?

We're on various social media platforms
For Kiyeseni, Facebook : Kiyeseni Foundation
Instagram: @kiyeseni
Email: kiyesenicares@gmail.com

You can reach me directly via:
Facebook: Adetokunbo Adetola Abigail
Instagram: @abigailadetola
Email: adetokunbo.abigail@gmail.com
Twitter: @adetoks_abby