Meet Your Campus Representative


Lebile Omoniyi Caleb

GCI Campus, FUTA

I'm Lebile Omoniyi Caleb, a young leader, change agent, a man of the people and an aspiring renewable energy expert.  My strong interest and concern for the people and the environment is what I find it difficult to compromise and that is why I have decided to give myself up to the service of the people in helping them live a healthy life, know about the environment and contribute my quota to the saving of the environment.

I believe if the people caused it, the people can definitely fix it . 

Nature Is Beautiful


Nature is beautiful

Nature is god-given

Nature is fun to enjoy

Nature brings smile

Nature is not created by man

Nature brings consciousness

Nature is relaxing

Nature is entirely different

Nature cannot be compared to any artificial thing

Nature is true

Nature is refreshing

Nature is special

Nature is sweet

Nature is human

Nature is happiness

Nature has a lot of good

Nature is incredible

Nature reduces stress

Nature brings out bright colours

Bright colours are fun to enjoy

Enjoyment put smile on your face

Smiling is a sign of happiness

Happiness does a lot of good

Happiness comes from within

I love nature


N-natural/non- manmade











By Ambassador Adeniyi-Abe Adenike Grace