Course Description

This course focuses on the establishment and administration of enterprises whose activity consciously address an environmental and social problem. Principles of creating a low-risk enterprise with net positive effect on the natural environment will be explored. The financial sustainability of these enterprises will also be emphasised.

Course Modules and Syllabus

  • Introduction to Green Venture Types-Microenterprise, Small Business, Social Enterprise

  • Client-Based Environmental Entrepreneurship in Practice

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Commercialisation

  • New Venture Creation

  • Air Pollution, Climate Change and Human Health

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Energy Economics

  • International Environmental Law

  • Sustainable Product Design and Manufacturing

  • Pitching of Green Ventures

    Before graduating, students must propose a viable business plan for their individual sustainable business or expand on an already existing one.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students should understand the mechanisms of natural systems.

  • Students should understand the fundamentals of sustainability especially in business management.

  • Students should be able to identify opportunities, establish, and manage businesses in a sustainable system in local and international markets.

  • Student should be able to proffer solutions to environmental and social challenges through green entrepreneurships.

  • Students are expected to understand the role of tourism in effective storytelling, and as a revenue source.


One (1) Term  = Three Weeks

Note: Two weeks on-site/onlline study and one week for project work.

A digital certificate of accomplishment endorsed by the instructors, and the institute will be awarded to students after completion of course. Students must attain an average score of 70% or more in exercises and examination. Any student that achieves over 90% will be awarded their certificate of accomplishment with distinction.

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