The Green Journal is an international, academic publication focusing on the novel, theoretical, empirical and review research in the fields of Science and Technology, Environmental Sciences and Humanities/Social Sciences. This Journal aims to be a scientific platform for experts, academics and students interested in inter/intradisciplinary research, to share their pragmatic ideas and innovations for collectively addressing the contemporary challenges facing the anthroposphere, in which the environment is a pivotal constituent. The Journal thereby invites all concerned members of the scientific community to save our anthroposphere from its constant drive towards self-extinction.

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Subject Areas

Science and Technology

  • Green Production and Consumption

  • Applications of Green Processes in Industries

  • Green Energy Production

  • Prospects of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

  • Theoretical and Computational Approaches Related to Green Science

  • Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Health

  • Methodologies and Tools for Measuring Environmental Impact

  • The Role of Microorganisms in Bioremediation and Climate Change

Environmental Sciences

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Research in Environmental and Earth Sciences

  • Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Monitoring

  • Anthropogenic Global Warming

  • Urban Sustainable Development and Environmental Science

  • SDGs and Third World Countries

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Social Dimension of Mitigation and Adaptation policies

  • Human-environment Interaction

  • Innovations in Climate Policies Implementation in Developing Countries

  • Culture and Behavioral Sciences in Third World Countries