100% renewable becomes a reality for the ACT

Two new wind farm contracts announced this week have been hailed as the final ones necessary to ensure the ACT reaches its goal of using 100 per cent renewable energy by 2020.

Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, Simon Corbell said the new contracts would see the two wind farms produce 200 MW of renewable power under the Territory’s Next Generation Renewables reverse auction process.

“The winning projects are the Crookwell Two wind farm in local NSW and the third stage of the Hornsdale Wind farm in South Australia,” Mr Corbell said.

“It is with great satisfaction that the Government can announce this final piece of our plan.”

He said that both projects would provide extensive investment packages for the ACT economy, with more than $180 million to fund research, innovation, jobs and education in the renewable energy sector in Canberra.

Final contracts seal the deal
“The proximity of the Crookwell Wind Farm to the ACT means many flow-on benefits for local trades,” Mr Corbell said.

“It will ensure Canberra remains at the centre of this industry as it grows nationally and internationally.”

The Minister said with four international wind companies establishing their headquarters in Canberra, the future jobs growth potential would be enormous.

Mr Corbell said meanwhile, Canberra energy consumers would benefit from a commitment by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council to create a reliable, affordable and sustainable national energy system.

“What’s really positive is that for the first time all Governments have agreed that our national electricity market is changing and we must take action to ensure it is reliable, affordable and sustainable into the future,” he said.

“Australia is transitioning to a lower-emissions energy market with a higher proportion of renewable energy and we need to maintain the confidence of energy consumers and investors in our energy markets, which is why it is important we focus on the right reform to create a sustainable system.”


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Author: PS News

Source: PS news

Date: 29th of August 2016