Turn Trash into ‘Trashion’

A mosquito net, empty shimmery coffee packets, body parts from a Barbie doll and the potency of a hot glue gun…. everyday trash can be turned into fashion (called “Trashion”)!

Under the guidance of fashion designers Jenny Bannister and Lia Tabrah, a room in Melbourne Town Hall resembled a jumble sale with the creative young people aged 12 to 25 sifting through rubbish remnants to complete the vision in their mind.

The “Trashion” workshop, which was part of the City of Melbourne’s ‘Signal 37′ creative arts program, taught the group of 10 people that trash can be treasure and that “upcycling” is in.

Jenny Bannister, a proud “dumpster diver” who fossicks for cans and plastic bottles, is rebelling against the “fast fashion” that international chain stores have brought to the CBD. “I have been known to get into the bins,” she said. “We can make things for ourselves that are unique so that we are individuals rather than look like everybody else.”

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Author: Suzanne Carbone

Source: The Age

Date: January 17th 2015