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Seven (7) Countries that Run 100% on Clean Energy

The dream for a world that is free from fossil fuels is not really an impossibility. There are a number of countries that can convincingly prove that foregoing climate-altering traditional energy sources can be done. There's just no reason to be enslaved by the idea that you need oil or other fossil fuels to sustain the energy needs of a country.

Costa Rica, Bonaire, Tokelau, El Hierro, Samso, Denmark, and Portugal are seven places in different parts of the world that demonstrate the viability of clean energy sources. These are <a href="">countries that have gladly abandoned fossil fuels</a>. If these countries were able to do it, there&rsquo;s no reason for other countries to be unable to follow their lead. It may be expensive at first and may bring about some inconveniences but in the long run the benefits are just beyond favorable.</p>

<p>Geothermal, wind, solar, and hydroelectric power are the most popular clean energy technologies that are already being used in many places worldwide. These sustainable energy technologies have played major roles in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that significantly contribute to global warming and climate change. These clean energy technologies have likewise made countries like Costa Rica become attractive options for retirement or for those who seek a new place to call home.</p>

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