Introducing the Green Food Shop Series


Often times we ask ourselves why mortality rate in our time has doubled. A study was conducted by Karin Michels and Alicja Wolk at the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health in 2002. This study was designed to show the link and connection between food and increased death rates. The result revealed that the category of people who followed a healthy diet plan had reports of reduced mortality. Healthy diet here was defined as the intake of high variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, cereals, fish, and low fat dairy products. Similarly, upon several researches and investigations, doctors have blamed the emergence of most life threatening ailments to life style and bad nutrition. In agreement with Michels’ research, I would say that improved food and nutrition is a huge factor to put in place for better health and living. So yes, I am part of the ‘Let’s go green’ campaign. I am about greening our bodies. I am of the opinion that improved food and nutrition is the most important aspect of going green, a few others may think otherwise. But, it is important to stay alive and healthy, only then can you balance the big accounts as the known world class accountant that you are or make critical decision as the CEO of Chevron.

Join the green food shop on Liver cleansing Mondays, Hearty Tuesdays, Kidney Cleansing Wednesdays, Skinny Thursdays and Body Detox Fridays.

In this one month series, I would be introducing you to the magic of keeping your heart, kidneys, liver, skin and other body parts together with a cup of smoothie or a plate of salad. It’s your choice. I will unveil one secret ingredient every day. So sit tight, drown yourself in a cup of magic or a plate of greens.

Give your body a green treat today.

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