I get overly excited on Wednesdays because it is the day to do the kidney thing. As discussed earlier, the kidney is another important organ in the body that needs to be carefully maintained. It detoxifies the body and does some regulating and balancing. The kidney magician for the day is ONION.

Who would have thought about Onions? We do not pay too much attention when we find a slice in our meal, or at the most we believe that it for garnishing.

Onions are considered to be used for dressing dishes. Also, many people think that Onions are added to foods for enhancement of flavor and taste. Both statements are correct, but they are less than ten (10%) of why you should add Onions to your dishes.

Onions are loaded with so many goodies to heal different parts of the body. There is a great healing power, phytochemicals, and minerals contained in each bulb of Onion that makes it a ‘must have’ for everyone.

Onions are filled with flavonoids, particularly Quercetin. Flavonoids are natural chemicals that prevent the deposit of fatty materials in the blood vessels and add pigmentation to plants.

The thing that makes Onions Kidney friendly is that they are low in potassium; this property makes it good food, even for people with impaired kidney function.

When onions are simmered to make soup, their Quercetin does not get degraded. It simply gets transferred into the water part of the soup. By using a low-heat method for preparing onion soup, you can preserve the health benefits of Onion that is associated with this key flavonoid.

Give your body a green treat today.

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