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What is Green Institute?

The Green Institute is a social enterprise created to fulfil the market potential of environmental sustainability. The Green Campus Initiative is our non-profit arm that advocates for and encourages students to adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The institute offers both training and research, in line with some of the challenges listed in the Sustainable Development Goals.

What is the Green Campus Initiative?

The Green Campus Initiative (GCI) is the first campus-based environmental advocacy organization in Nigeria. It organizes and consolidates the efforts of college/university students on campuses all over the world to be catalysts of transformative change. We train university students and equip them with the tools needed to create Green Initiatives on their campuses.

What is the goal of the Green Campus initiative?

To tackle the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability through innovative academic research, translating that into actions on campus and beyond. To green Nigeria, one campus at a time.

Who can become a GCI ambassador?

Students from any college or university in the world are invited to become a GCI ambassador. You are considered a student if, at the time of application submission, you have not yet graduated. Just graduated from a college or university? Sign-up to become a GCI Ambassador

What are the roles of an ambassador?

GCI Ambassadors are change agents. They multiply their voice as part of a global network of young people passionate about environmental sustainability, connecting, learning, sharing ideas, discussing, debating and networking with others. GCI gives ambassadors access to resources to support learning and development (e.g. toolkits and videos).

How do I put my school in a global map for social influence?

You can make your school green by starting a Green Club. Host any of the GCI seminars, workshops or programs to develop new cutting-edge research and collaborations by students and lecturers, and preach the green message.

Who can become a Campus Rep?

Exceptionally active students who have an enthusiasm for working with other ambassadors to enhance the way we think about our environment. Being a Campus Rep takes a comprehension of innovation and the capacity to spread the Green message. Somebody who can lead, motivate others, move quick, and get things done. Sign up to become a Campus. Click here

Does the GCI Campus Rep receive any support?

Tool-kits will be provided to Campus Reps and include a turn-key website, suggested operation constitution, and student recruiting aides. To be effective, you will work with the Green Team Headquarters to tailor green activities that fits your campus.

What benefits does a GCI Campus Rep receive?

All campus reps will qualify for various incentives, which include the opportunity to attend The Green Institution International Conference and other premium seminars/events.