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Nature has made the environment a big ocean that feeds the smaller rivers of man with sustenance and a green atmosphere. When his ingratitude would shamelessly play out naked, man waged a blind war against environment, and he unconsciously vows not to cease this battle; environment has lost many of its beautiful children to the arrows and guns of man, and its surviving children have had some of their limbs chopped off by the cutlasses of man. Environment whose beauty was once incontestable has grown so ugly, weak and dispirited. Alas! Man has been fighting a battle against himself, for any battle against the environment is against man himself. Unfortunately, man doesn't even know the amount of havoc he has been descending on the environment. The environment must be appeased. How can we save the environment from man? How can we save man from being perished by the wrath of environment? How can we revive the beauty of environment? How can we eradicate environmental hazards? How can we revive the green spirit? How can we save our country? How can we save humanity?

Fellow compatriots, let's join hands to make the world a better place to live, WELCOME to ABU Green Campus Initiative blog.